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Welcome to the Sarpy County Soccer League Registration website! Please note that the main league web page at has more information and other links also!

Who does the league serve?

    We are a league for Recreational Level youth soccer teams in the 7 & Under to 14 & Under age range, based in Sarpy County, Nebraska and surrounding areas. Not all age brackets may be offered each season, as registrations dictate.

What teams may participate?

    Any recreational level team registered with, and in good standing with, Nebraska State Soccer may participate in the league if we field an appropriate bracket for their age and gender. Teams from outside Nebraska (e.g., western Iowa) are also welcome as long as any relevant state association permissions are obtained. Select / Premier teams, or Recreational teams with Select players dual rostered, may not play in this league.

What are your fees?

    Fees vary by age group, as listed on our main website. Teams not providing a home field are also charged a field fee each season. Teams that host extra home games are reimbursed for their expenses from the field fees. Teams are not reimbursed for any costs associated with "their half" of the home games on a season's schedule.
    There are also fees for rescheduling games after the season's schedule is published. These apply only to coach and team reschedule requests, not to weather related reschedules.

When do you play games?

    As much as possible we try to schedule games on weekends only. The Spring season generally starts in early April (either after Easter, or skipping Easter weekend), and ends in mid to late May. The Fall season is in September and October, avoiding Labor Day weekend. Each season runs 7 to 8 weeks, with the aim of getting each team 8 games (4 home and 4 away).



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